Webinar Carried Interest - A Practitioner's View

On Thursday February 29, at 16:00 the NVP organizes, in collaboration with IQ-EQ, the webinar Carried Interest - a Practitioner's View.

As the concerted effort continues between GPs and LPs to seek alignment of interest and ensure mutual benefit and risk mitigation, the carried interest fee arrangements and fee transparency initiatives have received increased focus from the LPs and industry bodies.
LPs and their advisors are closely reviewing the carried interest terms within their PPM / LPA, understanding the practicalities and nuances that impact the calculation of these fees throughout the life of the Fund and in some cases ratifying worked examples at part of their due diligence exercise.
With the guest speaker from the world of fund accounting and investor reporting, this webinar provides insight into the two main types of carried interest arrangements prevalent in the closed-ended Funds space, Whole-of-Fund and Deal-by-Deal arrangements and presents a working example to highlight the practical differences between these two methodologies. In addition, the speaker will also share some key observations/ trends they are seeing with their IQ-EQ closed-ended Fund clients relating to carried interest LPA terms around carry thresholds, preferred returns etc including couple of recent observations from impact funds carry terms.

This webinar will be presented by Gaurav Marwah, Head of Technical, Funds at IQ-EQ. 

Date: February 29, 2024
Time: 16:00 - 17:00

We are looking forward to virtually hosting you during this session!
Members and associates of the NVP can register here.