26 JANUARY & 1 MARCH 2024
Time | 9:00 – 17:00 (26/1) and 9:00 – 20:00 (1/3)
Speakers | Anton Arts (SET Ventures), Silva Dezelan (Forbion), Patrick Polak (Newion), Mercedes Tuin (BOM), Nathalie van Woerkom (AKD) en Fenix Leadership
Location | Rosarium - Amsterdam
Costs | €1700,-

'Building VC Boards, the unique board training you don't get elsewhere!'' 

In this unique training you will learn how to become more effective as a board member/ observer in a VC financed company. We take a closer look on how to deal with the potential conflicts between shareholder- and supervisory board interests: shareholders strive for value creation, while board members collectively help management to do what is best for the company. In this training you will work on the topics, the challenges and possible conflicts from this dual role, while a case based on real-life situations is unfolding hour after hour.

Learning objectives
You learn:

  • How a board is composed
  • What the roles are (especially the role of the chairman)
  • What your role is within a board
  • What the challenges are of a startup, scaleup and from startup to scaleup
  • Per challenge, what you can do, from what role, how, what you should take into account and what can go wrong
  • Who the stakeholders are
  • How to listen to the stakeholders
  • How to deal with various potentially conflicting interests

We will also work with the learning objectives that you contribute yourself

Based on theory, exercises, a case and conversations with our experienced speakers, we go into depth on the following topics:

  • Formal duties and responsibilities
  • Stakeholders, interests and your hats
  • Challenges startups and scale-ups

You will be introduced to theory on all components, you will practice in groups, and between the training days, you are expected to observe board meeting in which your own firm or you yourself have a seat,  to reflect on your own (potential) role and contribution.

View the full program here.

For whom?
Our members and specifically the investment professionals who are new or prospective non-executive board members and observers.

Practical information

January 26 2024
March 1 2024

Group size
Maximum 15 participants

Rosarium Amstelpark 1, Europaboulevard, 1083 HZ AMSTERDAM


For more information, please contact the NVP Academy by e-mail ( or call +31 (0)20 571 22 70.

Note: this training is part of the NVP Certified trajectory. As our course participants often work in international firms, the language in which the course is determined by the registrations. We offer courses in Dutch and English. This course will be in English.