Code of conduct

Since 1986, the NVP has had a code of conduct. In 2020, this was updated. The code of conduct is based on five general principles endorsed by the members of the NVP and guiding their daily actions:

  • A private equity/venture capital firm acts socially aware.
  • A private equity/ venture capital firm has a long-term investment horizon.
  • A private equity/ venture capital firm communicates openly.
  • A private equity/ venture capital firm respects confidentiality.
  • A private equity/ venture capital firm adheres to the rules.

For the application of these principles, we refer to the best practices outlined in the Invest Europe Handbook of Professional Standards.

The complete NVP code of conduct can be downloaded here (in Dutch). Also included are the NVP membership code, which provides guidelines specifically for NVP membership, extensive international best practices, reporting standards for investors, a guide for placement agents, and the IPEV valuation guidelines.