Sector initiatives

NVP follows various sector initiatives that contribute to diversity within the sector.

Level 20
Level 20 is a 2015-initiative that aims to increase diversity within the private equity and venture capital sector. The focus includes the performance of research into diversity, bringing together senior female professionals with more senior role models from the sector in the form of a mentoring programme, the development of female role models and the organisation of various events specifically aimed at increasing the presence of women in senior positions in the sector. The reason for setting up Level20 was the conclusion drawn at the time that only 5% of senior positions in the sector at European level were held by women. The goal that Level20 has set itself is to raise the percentage to at least 20 per cent.

In the first instance, #FundRight is an initiative of 25 Dutch venture capital investors and Led by Constantijn van Oranje, several Dutch venture capitalists signed's Diversity Statement. The initiative is based on equal access to finance and opportunities for all founders, regardless of background or gender. That this is not yet the case is evident from the fact that two years ago only 1.6% of all venture capital investments in the Netherlands went to companies founded and run by women. In the same year, a study revealed that male entrepreneurs raised five times more capital than women.

Talent to the Top
In its mission to make diversity and inclusiveness at the top the norm, Talent to the Top supports organisations in the following three ways:

  • Organisations sign the Charter Talent in which they lay down their commitment and goals, which are then annually monitored for progress by TNDT;
  • The TNDT community - comprising organisations that have signed the Charter Talent - can come together to inspire and motivate each other thanks to the cross-company programmes and meetings organised by TNDT, and finally;
  • TNDT offers advice and training aimed at strengthening inclusive leadership. TNDT stands for "no diversity without inclusiveness".

NVP endorses the importance of initiatives such as TNDT and invites you to visit the TNDT website for more information.

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