Registration procedure

To help us process your membership application quickly, please return the following - completed and/or signed - documents:

  • a completed registration form;
  • a completed contribution survey form;
  • composition of the current capitalisation of your company; 
  • composition of the shareholders/financiers;
  • a completed company profile form(± 15 lines). Upon admittance as a member this text will be published in NVP's weekly newsletter and on NVP's website;
  • at least two letters of reference from NVP members (not being associate members) testifying to the integrity of the management and their experience in the private equity and venture capital business, to be delivered on the letterhead of the referent;
  • a concise curriculum vitae of the management;
  • a copy of your registration with the Chamber of Commerce;
  • a copy of the latest annual results as filed with the Chamber of Commerce (if any).

You may expect the following from us after we have received the documents listed above:

  • We will submit your membership application to NVP’s Board for assessment. If there are no objections we will submit your prospective membership application to NVP’s members in NVP’s next newsletter;
  • A ballot period of 30 days follows. Any NVP member may object to a membership request; if no objection is made, we will welcome you as an NVP member at the end of the aforementioned 30 days. We will add your organisation’s logo and link to our website;
  • You will receive an invoice from us for payment of the membership fee*.

For further information and any questions concerning the processing of an application, please contact us by e-mail at

*The annual subscription fee is determined based on the invested capital of the funds under management in the Netherlands. Any changes in this will be reviewed at the beginning of the next membership year (calendar year).