NVP Academy


The NVP Academy offers a diverse range of training courses and webinars. An overview of the courses we offer for 2022 can be found below.

Essentials courses
NVP Essentials Private Equity (twice a year).
Modules: Quick scan, Due Diligence, Bank financing, Fiscal Legal, Valuation & Deal structuring, Management review, Negotiation, Investment management, Recovery & Failures, Exits, Investment proposal

NVP Essentials Venture Capital (twice a year).
Modules: Funds, Instruments, Deal flow, Portfolio management, Valuations, DD Management Assessment & Tech Stacks, Metrics, Term sheets & structuring, International vs. National, Failures, Exits, Investment - Pitchdeck presentation

Commercial Due Diligence
Management review
Underlying net working capital and net debt
Tech IT Due Diligence
Effective business communication in negotiations
Fund structuring and Fund documentation
Taxation in PE
M&A Legal
ESG Sustainable finance

Accounting meets valuation
Bank financing
VC Legal
Value creation
Valuation & Deal Structuring

Management assistants in PE
Policy Officer Day
Effective board dynamics VC
Back office compliance