NVP's main objective is to represent the interests of private equity and venture capital firms towards stakeholders such as politicians, media, investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, etc. The goal is to improve the investment climate for private equity venture capital firms in the Netherlands.

This can be done by, for example, talking to journalists and explaining how the sector works, thus positively contributing to the image and reputation of private equity and venture capital firms. Another example is informing entrepreneurs about the opportunities of private equity and venture capital firms regarding corporate finance. Or talking to professional investors about the possibilities of investing in our members’ firms.

Behind the scenes, the NVP is involved in all kinds of relevant legal and regulatory processes on both a Dutch and European level. For example, NVP has contributed in the following ways:

  • The depositary for fully supervised parties has a more customised role, and does not have to be a full ''custodian'';
  • Creating a practical European definition of pre-marketing;
  • Delegating services remains practical;
  • EuVECA label users will no longer receive bills from foreign supervisors for ''passporting'' their label;
  • The size of companies in which investments can be made under EuVECA has been increased from 250 to 499 employees;
  • The VAT position of fund managers operating under the AIFMD registration regime has been established;
  • Reports to regulators and tax authorities (e.g. FATCA/CRS) are more in line with the organisations of private equity and venture capital firms;
  • The establishment of and changes to the Seed Capital scheme and the Dutch Venture Initiative.

The NVP collaborates with its European partners, in particular Invest Europe. Substantive support for NVP’s secretariat comes from the committees in which experts from both members and associated members participate.