For investors

Already (informally) investing but looking for the next professional step? NVP’s Code of Conduct is bundled with numerous best practices for private equity and venture capital situations and is therefore an excellent starting point. More concrete and technical questions can be addressed to NVP’s affiliated law firms. They have, for example, extensive experience in setting up structures commonly used in private equity and venture capital. 

The government also offers some schemes specifically for investors. They include the Seed Capital scheme for business angels and venture capitalists and the Growth Facility for investors in more mature companies. In addition, Regional Development Agencies (RDAs)Invest-NL and TechLeap are very important for the Dutch financing landscape. They can act as, for example, so-called "cornerstone" investors in funds, as co-financers or help to make the investment landscape more transparent. For the latter, TechLeap's Finder Tool, a database of 7500 start-ups, 85+ accelerators and 400+ active (informal) investors, is particularly useful.

But of course, the NVP Academy is the best way to lift all investment skills to the highest level.