• Building VC Boards: 3 questions to Patrick Polak (Newion)

    2023-07-07 16:03:57

    How to Build an Effective VC Board? How to handle shareholder and Advisory Board Member Interests? Shareholders strive for value creation while directors must assist management in achieving set goals.… Read full message >

  • In the spotlight: Ali Najafbagy (4impact)

    2023-07-07 15:58:43

    In the interview series 'VC in the spotlight,' we put venture capitalists in the spotlight. This time, we are interviewing Ali Najafbagy from 4impact about sustainability, tech4good, and geopolitical developments.… Read full message >

  • More women working in private equity and venture capital

    2023-02-21 11:16:55

    More and more women are working in the private equity and venture capital industry. Last year, women accounted for 29% of the increase in investment professionals[1]. This is the conclusion… Read full message >

  • Female investors talking

    2022-01-03 14:26:08

    The NVP interviewed 9 talented and ambitious female professionals about why they started working in the industry and what they advise interested (young) women. Are you considering a career in… Read full message >

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