• More women working in private equity and venture capital

    2023-02-21 11:16:55

    More and more women are working in the private equity and venture capital industry. Last year, women accounted for 29% of the increase in investment professionals[1]. This is the conclusion… Read full message >

  • Female investors talking

    2022-01-03 14:26:08

    The NVP interviewed 9 talented and ambitious female professionals about why they started working in the industry and what they advise interested (young) women. Are you considering a career in… Read full message >

  • Private equity and venture capital: part of our daily life

    2022-01-03 14:18:59

    2,100 companies. 380,000 employees. 14% of Dutch GDP. The products we use and the food we consume make venture capital and private equity part of our daily lives. … Read full message >

  • The untapped potential of Dutch venture capital

    2022-01-03 13:33:08

    Read the Dutch press release here Dutch pension funds, the largest in the EU in terms of AUM, hardly invest in Dutch venture- and growth capital The absence of Dutch (and… Read full message >

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