About us

NVP's purpose

The purpose of the NVP is fourfold: 

The NVP is committed to increasing awareness and strengthening and improving the investment and business climate for private equity and venture capital firms in the Netherlands. It does so by explaining the role and usefulness of private equity and venture capital firms to stakeholders such as ministries, supervisory authorities, politicians, media, etc. 

Data provides the proof needed to show the added value of the industry. A major survey  is conducted in the sector every year. Results of this surveyprovide insight into how private equity and venture capital firms contribute to  ‘The Netherlands Ltd’.  

The sector is in constant flux. This requires adaptive young professionals and experts.. Therefore education is one of NVP's main objectives. NVP Academy provides a wide array of essentials- and advanced courses: ‘by professional for professionals’. In short,  exchange of knowledge at the highest level.  

Our members’ portfolio companies provide for approximately 14% of Dutch GDP. Interest in and inquiries about the sector have been steadily increasing. The NVP provides a quick and factual response to questions of journalists, investors, interested (associated) members and other stakeholders. 

The NVP organises multiple events and activities  where members and interested parties can meet and network.  During events we cover trends and  provide opportunities for collaboration.