About us

NVP's purpose

The purpose of the NVP is fourfold:

The NVP is committed to increasing awareness and strengthening and improving the investment and business climate for private equity and venture capital firms in the Netherlands. It does this by explaining the role and usefulness of private equity and venture capital firms to stakeholders such as ministries, regulators, politicians, media, etc.

Facts and figures clearly show the role and usefulness of the sector. A major survey is conducted in the sector every year. The survey answers important questions that provide insight into how private equity and venture capital firms contribute to Entrepreneurial Nederland. 

The sector is constantly changing. This means that young professionals, as well as the senior professionals who work in the industry, have to be constantly adapting. The development and further professionalization of the sector is one of the NVP's objectives. To fulfil this objective, the NVP Academy organises multiple information days and training courses. These courses are given by the experts of the (associated) members. In short, sharing knowledge at the highest level. 

The sector is growing. Approximately 14% of the Dutch economy is now in the hands of private equity and venture capital firms. Because of this sector's growing importance, interest in and questions about the sector have been increasing. Journalists, investors, interested (associated) members and other stakeholders often turn to the NVP. All these interested parties can contact the NVP for the correct information. 

In addition to the four core tasks, the NVP organises multiple events and activities so that members and interested parties can meet and get to know each other. The purpose of this: hear what is going on in the market and the world around you, discover who does what and with whom you could collaborate more.