About us


The NVP bureau consists of 8 people who are jointly responsible for keeping the association running. They coordinate training courses, organise events, conduct research and represent lobby interests in The Hague and Brussels. They are also the point of contact for journalists, supervisors and other stakeholders The NVP is an inspiring meeting place because it offers a place to network and a place to combine and promote interests. The NVP is the linchpin between investor, politics, media and service provider. Like any association, the NVP is also dependent on the efforts of its members. Many committees support the NVP bureau. Director Tjarda Molenaar heads the bureau.

Caroline Honigh
Executive Secretary

Tjarda Molenaar
Managing Director

Dorien Smith
Manager NVP Academy

Ylse Tijtsma
Communication Adviser

Yvonne Troost
Executive Secretariat

Juul Vaandrager
Director Venture Capital

Marc van Voorst tot Voorst
Deputy Managing Director

Felix Zwart
Director Research & Policy