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Private equity and venture capital are considered a leading category within the segment of alternative investment, and today they are accepted as a standard part of many institutional portfolios.

The fundamental reason to invest in private equity venture capital is to improve the risk/return profile of an investment portfolio. Investing in private equity and venture capital allows investors to generate more revenue while also improving the diversification of their portfolios. Private equity and venture capital are recognized alternative asset classes which potentially offer superior returns compared to other asset classes because they have structurally outperformed other asset classes in Europe in the long term.

Click here for more information regarding the returns of private equity and venture capital.

Een overzicht van het type beleggers dat in private equity en venture capital belegt kunt u vinden in onze publicatie ''Ondernemend Vermogen''.

Over the past years, the amounts invested in private equity and venture capital funds in Europe have increased substantially, particularly in private equity. For example, (foreign) pension funds have increased their allocations, as shown by this study from the Coller Institute and London Business School.

Go to Invest Europe's Guide to Private Equity and Venture Capital for Pension Funds for practical information regarding investing for pension funds.

Private equity en venture capital zijn een middellangetermijnbelegging die bijdraagt aan economische groei, werkgelegenheid, innovatie en de ontwikkeling van nieuwe technologie. Onderzoek naar de economisch en sociale gevolgen van private equity investeringen kunt u hier vinden.

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For decades, private equity has been the best way to invest in SMEs and get excellent returns. Over 85% of investments goes to SME-like businesses every year. To draw attention to this fact and to explain the benefits of investing in SMEs through private equity and venture capital firms, the NVP participated in a 2014 project spotlighting SMEs ('MKB in Beeld'). Read more about this project here.

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