Start | 9:00 uur
Location | Carlton - Utrecht
Costs | €3150,- exempt from VAT

‘My colleagues have often told me that I should follow the NVP Venture Capital Essentials. I'm glad I finally did. It was very nice to meet so many new people. You can share experiences with each other and collaborate. In addition, it was also very pleasant.’’

During the Venture Capital Essentials training you will go through the entire VC investment process. The training consists of eleven modules. In these modules, together with experts from national and international VC funds, you will delve deeper into the topics that are discussed during the investment process. The training offers room for interaction and, if possible, we focus on practical examples as much as possible. The training also offers sufficient opportunities to meet colleagues in an informal manner who, just like you, work within the Venture Capital sector.


  • Structuring of funds & fundraising
  • Use of the different debt- and equity as well as hybrid instruments
  • Deal flow & sourcing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Valuations
  • Due Dilligence (e.g. techDD)
  • CAC/LTVmetrics at SaaS-companies
  • Termsheets & Structuring
  • National vs International perspectives
  • Failures & Exits
  • Intervision

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During the training you will work step by step on an investment together with other participants. After this, you work out an investment proposal based on all elements that were discussed during the training.

The two return moments are dominated by intervision on the topics you have brought in.

For whom?
The NVP Essentials Venture Capital is the basis for everyone who works within Venture Capital. At least for Investment Managers, but also for starting fund managers.

Practical matters

  • 26 & 27 September
  • 31 October
  • 15 November (morning)
  • 28 & 29 November
  • 18 January 2024 (afternoon) 

Group size
20 persons

Training duration
Five days, of which two consecutive days with hotel stays.

Three and six months respectively after completing the training, you meet for a half day to engage in intervision. On the basis of practical situations, you evaluate how you acted and what the effect was. In the Essentials training you not only increase your substantive knowledge, but you can also reflect on the influence of behaviour.

Interesting further education
After completing the Essentials, you can follow our Advanced training courses. After obtaining your Essentials certificate and four Advanced certificates, you can call yourself a Certified Professional.