21 MARCH & 4 APRIL 2023
Tijd  | 12:00 -  17:00
Location | Rosarium - Amsterdam
Costs | €595,- free of VAT


Putting capital to work increasingly means getting comfortable with a certain level of discomfort when investing, driven by uncertain economic conditions, (record) high multiples and increasing competition for deals. To be able to invest with conviction it is imperative to have a clear view on what will drive value during the holding period of the asset, and to align on it with the company’s management. These two sessions will focus on understanding what are the key elements to focus on when creating value creation plans, how to think about growth and cost drivers, building actionable roadmaps and discussing how to incorporate ESG priorities.

After this training, you will have learnt:

  • Understanding what makes a good value creation plan
  • Identifying key value creation priorities for a given asset
  • How to build an actionable roadmap
  • Incorporating key ESG considerations


  • Types of value creation plans and key elements
  • The backbone of a VCP: musthave insights and bold ideas
  • The core of a VCP: vision and choices
  • Putting it all together: strategy on a page
  • Turning the plan into action: creating a flexible roadmap
  • Achieving fast results: microbattles and quick wins
  • ESG as core element of VCPs

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Practical information

Where: Rosarium Amstelpark 1, Europaboulevard, 1083 HZ  AMSTERDAM

Dates: 21 March 12.00 – 17.00 hr (receipt with lunch)

4 april 13.00 – 18.00 (aansluitend een borrel)

Costs: €595,-

For whom? The training is intended for anyone who is looking for further specialist deepening existing: former participants of the NVP Essential training and investment managers and employees of the NVP who already have some experience in creating value. 

Group size: maximum of 20 participants

Duration of training: two half-days


Do you want more information? Please contact the NVP Academy ( or call +31 (0)20 571 22 70.

Note: this training is part of the NVP Certified trajectory.

This course will be in English. We offer courses in both Dutch and English.